In order to ensure an effective and well-structured management process in any company, the Board must have fast and continuous access to reliable data reflecting the company's current situation. The safety of the stored data as well as its fast accessibility are key to any business. Any malfunction in this process may have serious consequences.

GSS (Poland) Ltd., based on previous experience, provides its Customers with consultancy services, design, delivery and technical support of technological solutions which guarantee fast and on-hand data access. These solutions are based on top quality and highly recommended components. They ensure the secure storage of data, both as integrated with DAS servers and accessible through an IP - NAS (NFS, CIFS, FTP etc.), as well as those accessible through a SAN network (FC, FCIP, iSCSI and so forth). GSS (Poland) Ltd. has extensive experience in the design, integration, implementation and modification of such solutions. This includes anything from a single controller and internal tape streamer to entire SAN and IP networks, which interconnect numerous disk arrays and tape libraries.

GSS (Poland) Ltd. offers disk arrays, tape libraries and SAN network products of such renowned brands as HP, IBM, Brocade, Cisco.