In 2005, Hewelett Packard announced a new road-map according to which it would  cease to develop and sell Alpha servers as well as the Tru-64 operating system. Users of these systems were left wondering how to secure the full operation of the existing Alpha-based IT infrastructure and whether in the future a migration to Itanium technology would be possible. GSS (Poland) Ltd. was chosen by Hewlett Packard as the company with the rights to provide DECclassic Customers with technical support. This especially applies to Clients wishing to upgrade their Alpha hardware resources. GSS (Poland) Ltd. additionally offers these Customers technical support for OpenVMS and Tru64 solution-based systems. At the same time, we offer consulting services for Customers wishing to migrate from Alpha to Itanium / HP-UX. Based on our international company structure, especially that of the US branch, as well as our team of specialists both in Poland as well as in the US, we are able to offer Customers technical support, system upgrade and delivery services for DECclassic (Alpha) hardware, until at least the year 2015. This guarantees those Customers the full operation of their DECclassic hardware, as well as that of DEC network equipment.
This support is available within Europe.